You Can’t Handle the Truth..?

This is why feminism is important – and why the fight for equality is still alive and kicking!

  • There are 855 million people with literacy problems in the world. 70 per cent of them are female.
  • In no country are wages for men and women equal. Women earn on average 75 per cent of their male counterpart’s wages but do far more work, when work at home is considered.
  • There are still 250 million child labourers in the world.
  • 100 to 140 million women and girls have lived through barbaric genital mutilation.
  • Paternity leave is not recognised in Irish law- employers are not obliged to give men any time off at all.
  • >On average, women occupy just 15 per cent of political bodies, and just 2 per cent of senior management positions.
  • In countries like former Yugoslavia, China, Bosnia- Herz and DRC approx 20, 000 women and girls were raped, over a matter of months, during conflict. 3/4 of all civilians killed in war are women and children.
  • Domestic violence is the main cause of preventable injury and death of women in the world.
  • About three quarters of all children who receive under four years education are girls. And most people living in poverty are women and children.

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