The Universe is Expanding?

I’m doing a beginners’ astronomy course at the moment. It just covers the basics and, having an interest, I have read a thing or two about cosmology and astronomy previously. But last week blew my tiny mind a bit – our lecturer is a physicist who believes the universe is NOT expanding. Arghhhhhhh…if the universe is not expanding, then there was probably no big bang…aarghhhh…

I questioned how we rely on redshift to learn so much, when light can behave as either waves or particles depending on the circumstances (particle wave duality). I had never thought of this before, although it’s pretty basic. He said he believes that classical (Newtonian) physics will explain the redshift of light from deep space, rather than the Doppler Effect. That we can’t rely wholly on quantum physics.

In the 60’s big bangers were considered mad, now folks like him are considered mad and big bangers are the mainstream. Shows that it’s healthy to always question what you think you know.

I’m confused. But I’m still a believer. And I’m not changing the name of my blog.
(By the way – here’s a good Irish blog if you’re interested in this stuff too.)

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