‘Right to Work’ Protest No. 3

The weekly Right to Work protests continued in Dublin yesterday, and will be on again next Tuesday, June 1st – spread the word and join in!

Outside the Dail in Dublin, May 25th 2010

I started with the Anti- Capatalist Bloc at St. Stephen’s Green and we joined the mainstream crowd outside the Dail on Kildare St. Then walked around to Dublin Castle. The energy was really good, and despite reports in the press today of 500 people attending I’d say it was closer to 1,000. People are really anrgy at Fianna Fail. And rightly so. They have failed us again and again; we need to stand up to them and get them out of government……no more bank bail-outs. No more NAMA. No more social cuts, like those our friends in Greece are opposing at the moment. A man spoke about considering a hunger strike as education cuts are affecting his disabled childs’ life. It’s a sorry state of affairs (pardon the pun) and we all need to make our voices heard – see you next Tuesday at Kildare St.

Right to Work Protest, Dublin May 25th 2010

Let’s see the light..Dublin, May 25th

No more bank bail-outs!


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