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Asia trip…

I’m in Asia. I have taken some photos. They are on my Flickr page, here (few below too…). Thanks!

IMG_7599 IMG_6902 IMG_6164 IMG_8178 IMG_8208


I grew up on a diet of NWA, Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest…as different as bands like these were in the tone of their social commentary, they were unified in their subject matter. The streets of the US. A land of drugs, of prostitutes, police brutality, black-on-black violence, guns. Spike Lee joints. Hot urban landscapes of hopeful but challenging working class Americana through the 80s. Today, twenty years later, I listen to a huge range of music but my heart somewhat still lies with hip hop and music that has a strong influence from African American urbana.

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RIP Roscoe Holcomb. 33 Years Today.

It’s the 33rd anniversary of Roscoe Holcomb’s death today.

RIP Mr. Holcomb.

Holcomb was the godfather of bluegrass and a stunning banjo player, one of the best musicians there’s ever been and a personal favourite.

I remember a lovely friend gave me a Roscoe Holcomb CD when my dad passed away so he has a really special place in my heart.

The Holcomb clip I’m about to post is from the amazing Alan Lomax Archive (curated by musician Nathan Salsburg), so it’s worth noting here that there is an Alan Lomax archive presentation and Nathan Salsburg live solo show in Dublin on April 11th…

Rocket from the Crypt

Some photos from the great RFTC gig in Dublin last month…

RFTC Dub Dec13 (1) RFTC Dub Dec13 (2) RFTC Dub Dec13 (3) RFTC Dub Dec13 (4) RFTC Dub Dec13 (5) RFTC Dub Dec13 (6) RFTC Dub Dec13 (7) RFTC Dub Dec13 (8) RFTC Dub Dec13 (9) RFTC Dub Dec13 (10) RFTC Dub Dec13 (11) RFTC Dub Dec13 (12) RFTC Dub Dec13 (13) RFTC Dub Dec13 (14) RFTC Dub Dec13 (15) RFTC Dub Dec13 (16)

Here Comes the Rain Again…

IMG_1986 IMG_1717 IMG_1691 LOWSome ‘end of the summer’ pics, it was great while it lasted.

New Mix Ahoy

Tunes. Enjoy.

Click here for summer vibes on Sound Cloud

Or Mix Cloud (if you just want to stream and not download)

Granby Park and Me

How exciting. I am helping to make Dublin’s first large-scale pop up park. We want to reclaim vacant sites, create colour where there is grey, make platforms for creativity and interaction. YAY! Have a look at the UpStart site for more details…

For now, I really want to start thanking people for their incredible generosity:

  • Thanks to Designist (George’s St, Dublin) for all their support and for doing a fund raiser this weekend – slushies in the shop all day Saturday (for a wee donation)!
  • Thanks to Redmonk for sharing the link on his site today!
  • Thanks to Rabble FB for the mention, much appreciated!
  • Everyone at the Dominick Street Community Centre and the DCC for their brilliant input!
  • Thanks to everyone who has pledged money through the Fund It also!

Here’s me with some bunting made by local kids yesterday: Me with bunting!

FB-Cover2.jpgPlease help with the fund it or get involved by volunteering, we’d love to hear from you!!

I’m a Hip Hop Nerd

Saw seminal hip hoppers the Ultramagnetic MCs last night! What a show, Kool Keith and co rocked it.


And I even got my Critical Beatdown record signed. Woop!


Thanks to the Choice Cuts massive as always!