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‘Right to Work’ Protest No. 3

The weekly Right to Work protests continued in Dublin yesterday, and will be on again next Tuesday, June 1st – spread the word and join in!

Outside the Dail in Dublin, May 25th 2010

I started with the Anti- Capatalist Bloc at St. Stephen’s Green and we joined the mainstream crowd outside the Dail on Kildare St. Then walked around to Dublin Castle. The energy was really good, and despite reports in the press today of 500 people attending I’d say it was closer to 1,000. People are really anrgy at Fianna Fail. And rightly so. They have failed us again and again; we need to stand up to them and get them out of government… Continue reading

Shell to Seeing Euro Signs?

A judge today, in Ireland, likened the ‘Shell to Sea’ environmental activists to a Secret Police. According to this RTE report a circuit court judge held that they were taking the law into their own hands. Might I just remind people that Shell are as evil as, well, a company like Shell. Or maybe Oslo Slugworth (if he were real and not actually working for Mr. Wonka).

Shell contributed to the statutory murder of Ogoni people in Nigeria, including Ken Saro Wiwa in a now infamous case

Is Ireland becoming such an economical and social farce of a country that we’d rather fine a few hippies, and allude to them as some Orwellian horror, than condemn a corporation like Shell?

Me no likes da capitalisms..

This is a piece I did ages ago which never found a home in print, so apologies that it’s a little old and long. But it’s an interesting subject so I thought I’d post it. I must do an updated version at some stage. The title “Me no likes da capitalisms…” is taken from graffiti on a wall in Dublin city at the time…

Just What Effect does Capitalism Have on Mass Media? All social, political and economical processes determine the media we create and consume. Unfortunately for us, the socio- economic institution around which the ‘free’ world rotates is capitalism. Most of us feel the direct effect of this modus operandi every day, by selling eight hours of our precious lives to someone we- more than likely- don’t even know. What may be even more unfortunate is that the age of capitalism is coinciding with the age of information and media, for which inadequate pseudo- democracies offers little compensation.

In 1787 Thomas Jefferson said “Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter”. John Keane argued at length that there could never be a true democracy without a free press. I would agree totally: who questions elected representatives’ actions? Who investigates corruption within state institutions? Who gives a voice to victims of statutory misconduct in less developed countries? A free and true press is the only real opposition to corruption and propaganda, to the canker of deceit and greed, characteristics we are increasingly feeling the effect of every day. Continue reading

What the Hell are Carbon Footprints, Exactly???

These days we’re surrounded by buzzwords that were the refuge of loony lefties and new-agers just a few years back. Global warming, greenhouse effect, carbon footprint. Well, it seems that the panpipe lovers of yesteryear were onto something, and these are now processes that we all need to get our heads around. Yes, that means you.

However the popularisation of such concerns, and the mainstream use of such terminology, doesn’t necessarily make it easier for us to quantify all of this, as individuals going about our daily business. Officially, according to Davie Philip at Sustainable Ireland, our carbon footprint is “A measure of the impact you have on the planet, by the amount of carbon dioxide you emit by consuming energy”.

Ok. But what exactly does that mean for us, sitting here reading our papers? Well, it means we can now calculate how bad little-old-you are for the environment, and what humans should do, hopefully and eventually, to become ‘carbon neutral’.

But, I hear you cry, surely little-old-me can’t do as much as big-old countries like the US, China, Japan and India who are doing the vast majority of the damage? This may be true, but we’ve lived in a bit of an ignorance-bubble since the industrial revolution, when most of this nasty business began, and now we are enlightened.

This means no more head in the sand, it’s-not-my-fault philosophy. Every action has an equal but opposite reaction, and for too long we’ve been taking without giving. Natural resources, pollution, trees…we’ve been taking and taking without consequence. But guess what? There is a consequence, and we’re now learning how serious it is. Continue reading