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Little Ox Gallery Open

A gorgeous new Gallery has opened in Edinburgh. It’s called LITTLE OX and it’s on Candle Maker Row. It specialises in print and the collection is really beautiful and very affordable (prices start at about £20 and go to about £200).

They have loads of wonderful limited edition originals, framed pieces, band posters etc and carry the work of amazing artists like Aaron Horkey, Strawberryluna and John Dyer Baizley.

Little Ox is also an independent shop and the people behind it are very nice and ethical.

The opening was last weekend. If you’re in Edinburgh you should check it out!

23 Candlemaker Row

Aaron Horkey print – a piece you can get at Little Ox Gallery in Edinburgh

‘Right to Work’ Protest No. 3

The weekly Right to Work protests continued in Dublin yesterday, and will be on again next Tuesday, June 1st – spread the word and join in!

Outside the Dail in Dublin, May 25th 2010

I started with the Anti- Capatalist Bloc at St. Stephen’s Green and we joined the mainstream crowd outside the Dail on Kildare St. Then walked around to Dublin Castle. The energy was really good, and despite reports in the press today of 500 people attending I’d say it was closer to 1,000. People are really anrgy at Fianna Fail. And rightly so. They have failed us again and again; we need to stand up to them and get them out of government… Continue reading

Women cause Earthquakes! Oh wait, no they don’t..

Brilliant! Women are being blamed for earthquakes. Misogyny never ceases to amaze me. If this weren’t real it would be pretty funny – it’s like an episode of Brass Eye or piece in The Onion
Click here to read: The Guardian – Iranian cleric blames women for earthquakes.

Femmo Walking Tour 2010 – A Big Success

FWT2010, photo by Siobhan with thanks

To celebrate International Women’s Day last week (March 8th) myself (with my Lash Back crew) and some other collectives (including Choice Ireland and RAG) organised the third annual Feminist Walking Tour of Dublin city.

It was such a fantastic day. A friend has put some images up on her brilliant Dublin Bird Watching blog, so I thought I’d link in case any of you would like a look. And here’s a report on Indy Media Ireland about it, with some audio clips.

I also want to personally thank everyone who came along, and helped to make it happen.

Hope to see you all at the FWT 2011!

Lists on ‘Den of Geek’…

I’m writing for nerdy (ie. cool, to folks like you and me) website Den of Geek at the moment…they cover movies, games, tv etc, and they have a big ‘List of Lists’, which is great fun. So I thought I’d share some lists with you, just click to have a look:

Top 10 Classic Ad-lib/ Off-script Movie Moments

Top 11 Classic So-bad-they’re-good B-movies

Hope you enjoy…

In the original script Schrader had simply written “Bickle speaks to himself in the mirror”

BIG film releases of 2010..

Just a list for the nerds in the audience…

Heeeere's Johnny! Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

Heeeere’s Johnny! Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

MISC: Alice In Wonderland (Directed by Tim Burton/ starring Johnny Depp/ released March); Robin Hood (Directed by Ridley Scott/ starring Russel Crowe/ released May); The Three Stooges (Directed by Farrelly Bros/ starring Benicio Del Toro and maybe Jim Carrey/ released TBC); The Green Hornet (Directed by Michel Gondry/ starring Seth Rogan/ released December)

DRAMA: Green Zone (Directed by Paul Greengrass/ starring Mat Damon/ released April); Inception (Directed by Christopher Nolan/ starring Leo diCaprio/ released in July); Shutter Island (Directed by Martin Scorsese/ starring Leo diCaprio, Michelle Williams/ released February)

ACTION: Salt (Directed by Philip Noyce/ starring Angelina Jolie/ released July); Thundercats (Directed by Gerry O Flaherty/ starring & relesase date TBC); The Wolfman (Directed by Joe Johnston/ starring Anthony Hopkins, Benicio del Toro/ released in February); The A-Team (Directed by Joe Carnahan/ starring Laim Neeson, Jessican Biel); Continue reading

Film review: Tony

Title: Tony

Tony. Directed by Gerard Johnson, 2009.

Tony. Psycho killer qu’est que c’est…

Released: 2009

Director: Gerard Johnson

Starring: Peter Ferdinando, Ricky Grover, Kerryann White

Tony is a low-budget horror made and set in London. Premiered last May at the Edinburgh Film Festival, the eponymous anti-hero is a serial killer who epitomises all our notions of the generic nerdy weirdo. That sounds about as entertaining as blindfold bird watching, but Tony is a wee gem of a flick. The phrase black humour must have been coined for Johnson’s feature directorial debut, which conflates scenes of horrendous violence with sad and pathetic urban loneliness. Ok, so it’s not a barrel of laughs, but it is hugely subversive, original and creepy, and certainly meant as dark, dark comedy. Shot as a slice of life, we follow Tony through his miserable existence while he wanders the flats, befriends drug-addled blokes on his estate, picks up prostitutes, watches bad 80’s action films on VHS, and, oh yeah, kills people, chops them up and dumps their limbs in the Thames. Continue reading

Me no likes da capitalisms..

This is a piece I did ages ago which never found a home in print, so apologies that it’s a little old and long. But it’s an interesting subject so I thought I’d post it. I must do an updated version at some stage. The title “Me no likes da capitalisms…” is taken from graffiti on a wall in Dublin city at the time…

Just What Effect does Capitalism Have on Mass Media? All social, political and economical processes determine the media we create and consume. Unfortunately for us, the socio- economic institution around which the ‘free’ world rotates is capitalism. Most of us feel the direct effect of this modus operandi every day, by selling eight hours of our precious lives to someone we- more than likely- don’t even know. What may be even more unfortunate is that the age of capitalism is coinciding with the age of information and media, for which inadequate pseudo- democracies offers little compensation.

In 1787 Thomas Jefferson said “Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter”. John Keane argued at length that there could never be a true democracy without a free press. I would agree totally: who questions elected representatives’ actions? Who investigates corruption within state institutions? Who gives a voice to victims of statutory misconduct in less developed countries? A free and true press is the only real opposition to corruption and propaganda, to the canker of deceit and greed, characteristics we are increasingly feeling the effect of every day. Continue reading